Hillel Steinberg

I took my first analog pictures in the early 80s using an old 35mm Nikon film camera somewhere high in the Rocky Mountains.  During the early nineties, I was swept into the world of 3D graphics on a variety of expensive SGI platforms for several companies.  I explored a variety of immersive technologies including OpenGL, Performer, OpenScenegraph, cubic audio systems, crystal shutter glasses, tactile gloves, 6-DOF Spaceballs, synchronized screens, and custom built head-mounted displays.  Eventually, my interest in Virtual Reality technologies spilled over into the world of Photography and Video.   Consumer digital point-n-shoot and DSLR hardware began to appear in the late nineties, and I took advantage right away.

Today, I own several DSLR and mirrorless cameras as well as a variety of action and drone cameras.  I have build my own drones using iNav and Betaflight, but I also fly commercial drones such as the Mavic Mini.  I have built my own custom 3D Anaglyph still and video rigs as well as a lightbox for product shots.  My new project is building a motorize Panorama collection system.  Many examples of my immersive photography can be found on this site in my Blog as well as on the pages to the left.  My submissions to Google Earth can be found here.  For questions or comments, please check out the Contact page.

First Pictures
Taking pictures back in the early 80s!