Valentine Limerick, 1992

There once was a girl named Deenie,
Who ate eggplant and zucchini.
But this lawyer of sludge,
Promised not to fore-judge,
Her date who ate strictly fettuccine.

In exchange she requested a thrill,
Involving his writing skill:
“Please invest your time,
In a mushy rhyme.
Or, Buddy shall win over Hill” !

“So, is this the thanks I get now,
for straightening your ruffled brow?
Let’s make fondue,
And play taboo,
I’ll build you any city but Cracow.”

“Remember the serenade on guitars?
Or the time we surveyed the stars?
If you indulge me this hour,
And include a flower,
Then maybe I’ll let you recreate mars.”

“Yea, ’tis true I remain in debt,
Near insolvent since the day we met.
Let me expel your doubt,
And take you out,
For a Valentine’s Day we
will not forget!

Notes: The SimCity and SimPlanet computer games were popular in the early nineties.  So was the board game Taboo as well as the Melting Pot restaurant.