English 101

English 101, University of Maryland

Persuasion Paper (Late 80s)

Mrs. Lechter Seigel,

From the start I fear,
That you’ll be unclear,
And it’s best that I go straight to the heart.
My point is to convey,
That I deserve an “A”,
For this paper which I believe to be art.

But alone this simply won’t do,
I need reasons supporting my view.
So I have chosen three arguments to weigh.
And it wouldn’t be fair,
After this paper I did dare,
To give me anything less than that “A”!

My Argument may seem fantastical,
Or perhaps just on the side of radical,
But I know this paper is unique.
My idea is new,
All the way through,
And not one part is anywhere antique.

This paper has imagination,
And stirs fascination,
Which most essays you read lack.
Try the test,
Leave this paper rest.
But I just know you’ll soon come back!

Please examine the lines,
As they’re all in rhymes,
Which is not an easy feat to do.
So with this in mind,
Please be kind,
And hear me all the way through.

Yes the grades I have gotten,
On my other essays were rotten,
But isn’t this one better than the rest?
And if this is so,
Then the grade you bestow,
Had better be higher, I protest!

For the grade you present,
Must be what you meant,
As my future lies in your powers.
And what you provide,
May eventually decide,
The way in which my career flowers.

Don’t treat this work,
As if it were murk,
Until you understand it well.
Only then can you judge,
If it truly is sludge,
And decide on the fate that you’ll spell.

Lastly please note,
That I used as I wrote,
All the things that were required by you.
My argument is plain,
And I have points to explain,
The assignment from my point of view.

The lines are concise,
And my vocabulary precise,
As I brought up each point one-by-one.
The opposition I said,
But with the pro’s I led,
Till I felt my side was won.

I appealed to pathos,
Logos, and ethos,
And it helped to gain my support.
So now when you look,
At the effort I took,
You can see that I have a nice report.

In conclusion I repeat,
That my argument is complete,
But in the end you’ll do as you see fit.
And meanwhile I pray,
That I’ll receive an “A”,
Though a “B” wouldn’t bother me a bit!

Teacher’s Response:

Teacher's response to the poem

Moral: Creative work is best suited for the creative audience.