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Aerial Photography – A Study in Higher Education

I’ve always been interested in RC devices. In particular, I’ve often been curious about platforms that fly. About twenty years ago I purchased an electric white plane at a hobby shop across the street from my work, but it didn’t last very long. The technology at the time was both expensive and limited – not […]


Pandora Pi

Note: This post isn’t about photography per se, but I came up with many other uses for my Pis, so I couldn’t help it 😉 I know plenty about hardware, but I’m really a software guy at heart. If there is a way to do something in software, it’s usually cheaper, easy to duplicate for […]


DIY Miniature Panorama Collection System

So Google didn’t hire you, but you still want to do cool things like engineer a miniature device to capture indoor 360 degree panoramas. Not to worry. The key to reaching this challenge lies in the art of breaking down goals into manageable pieces. You’ll need to build these pieces separately and then integrate. Finally, […]


The Longest Panorama

In July of this year (2011), my family took a comprehensive trip to Israel for the grand tour.  We hit all the major highlights, and everyone had a blast.  I shlepped my Nikon D700 on the trip, and several lenses to cover possibilities.  By the flight home, I had taken over 20,000 photos from the […]


To Edit or Not to Edit, That is the Question

I’m often asked to take pictures for a special event. At some point later, I’m requested politely to just send the pictures to an email address “when I can”. I don’t have a quick answer for this, so I’m writing this BLOG entry to address what looks like a straight-forward request… but isn’t. The short […]